VLC takes very long to start!?

I recently had the problem that my VLC Media Player took about a minute to start. First I didn't know what caused the problem until I remembered that I imported my Music Library into VLC, so it always scanned the whole Library to import the meta data.

To disable the Media Library do as follows:

  1. Open: Tools -> Preferences
  2. Under Show Setting select "All" to show all settings
  3. Go to: Playlist
  4. Uncheck "Use Media Library"
  5. Click "Save" to finish

Now your VLC should start up quickly again.

12 comments to VLC takes very long to start!?

  • Alphager

    Thanks, i was wondering about the long start-up time…

  • Prushaunth

    Thanks, it worked!

  • Simon

    Hey There.

    My VLC still takes forever to start! :( It was doing it before due to lack of system memory but now I’ve just got 4GB of RAM and it is still doing it!!
    Running windows 7 OEM. Could it be a compatibility issue?
    It’s so strange, it takes literally 3-4 mins to start!
    I was having serious lag issues before I upgraded my memory and windows seven actually automatically changed to classic view and pretty much closed all my apps on start up.
    Now that I have my 4GB installed, windows 7 is back and it is not closing apps anymore, but VLC takes forever to start up.

    Please help!

  • If it’s a configuration related issue, there is a button in the VLC settings that resets all configuration to default. Maybe this helps. Another option worth trying out is to reinstall VLC.
    Otherwise you should ask at the VLC forum there will be more people looking at your question and somebody might have a solution.

  • Thanks, but didn’t work for me. Still taking about 1-2 minute + for start up.

    Annoying as a couple months ago it was starting up in a couple of seconds.

    Will try resetting all configuration to default as you have mentioned.

  • Peter

    Thanks, worked for me.

  • Adam

    Tried it, unfortunately didnt help my long load time issue. It’s really annoying, this pc didnt have this issue till I ran a big windows update on 7…Seems like most windows updates screw everything up to be honest

  • sundar

    excellent thanks a lot , working very fast thanks thanks thanks

  • Thorsten

    Thank you very much for that hint.

  • MikeW

    That fixed it for me!

  • Miyamoto

    Thanks, it worked !

    [captcha] Hawthorn as in Hawthorn wipes :))

  • xplorer

    2014: VLC Did not work
    Click on a file in explorer
    VLC “hangs”/has long delay before file eventually starts playing

    Clicking on reset preference sporadically works – but the issue pops up again when closing VLC

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