HP Printer drivers (hpijs) for Mac OS X

Since I switched to Snow Leopard I was not satisfied with the printing drivers for my old HP OfficeJet 95. I used the included Gutenprint drivers. For text they worked ok, but images looked terrible.

Today I decided to do something about it. From Linux I know that HPLIP has some pretty good driver (hpijs) for most HP Devices. Fortunately I can use the same drivers for Mac OS X to. You need three packages to do this. More information can be found on the website of the Linux Foundation.


This should help you get your old HP Printer working.

3 thoughts on “HP Printer drivers (hpijs) for Mac OS X”

  1. Hi Geert, Ive noticed that youve been able to install this drivers in Lion, i wonder if you be so kind to email me the files you used to install, since the links to download them are down, i`ll be very thankful

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